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Petition to Kirk Twigg, Dr. Lorita C. Daniels, Erin K. Grampp, Lisa A. Phelps, Rabih Abuismail, Dr. S. Scott Baker, Baron P. Braswell, Dawn Shelley

Demand that Spotsylvania County Public Schools get their students back at school!

Enough is enough! I know that Spotsylvania County Schools get a lot of petitions regarding the closure of schools, but I plead with you to reopen them! Spotsylvania County Public Schools needs to reverse their decision on making schools all virtual for 2 weeks! So much of the district struggled greatly with the first quarter being all virtual. We have been let down by our school board during this pandemic. My education is suffering and the education of my classmates is suffering. Many parents are unable to work at home and watch their children to make sure that they are getting the education they need. Children are falling behind; not only with their education, but also with their social development. Closing schools fails the students, because we are falling behind in life and virtual schooling is not the path that a lot of them need. The National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine have reported that schools need to reopen for the well-being of the students. The European Center for Disease Control and Prevention found that, "No evidence has been found to suggest that children or educational settings are the primary drivers of SARS-CoV-2 virus transmission.Children are at low risk to suffer from serious effects of COVID-19." Vulnerable students can do Virtual Virginia or some other online schooling program. The number of staff members that are currently working 100% virtual can and should be decreased (Meaning all staff should be forced to come in, unless they or someone that they are living with have a proven medical condition that can make them vulnerable to COVID-19.) as I know that there are teachers who are more than capable to come in and teach, but are staying home instead and that upsets students and lets them down. Spotsylvania County Public Schools, the mission that you have for your students is, "Together, we prepare our students for their future." Closing schools is not preparing us for our future. This should not be about politics. This should be about the well-being of your students and their parents who pay your salary.

Braedon Recore
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Update posted 5 months ago

Petition to Gavin Newsom


It’s great news that the COVID numbers appear to be going down...but are we going to make the same mistake twice? Are we going to allow nonessential businesses like bars to reopen before we can lower our numbers sufficiently to safely open schools? Schools, teachers, students, and families did their best with distance learning in the Spring and will undoubtedly do their best this Fall...but it is clear, and no one disputes, that distance learning is a distant second to in person instruction. And it goes without saying that those most in need, including special ed kids, homeless and foster youth, and English language learners, are among those who will have the most to lose. For that reason, we need to send a strong message to Governor Newsom that we won’t accept the prioritization of the economy over education. Not this time. It is common sense that reopening activities like bars before reopening schools would hinder the ability of schools to reopen, as such reopenings would necessarily increase the spread of infection. For that reason, the reopening of all other activities need to be put on hold until schools reopen. In order to make my point, I remind you of June 2020, when distance learning was wrapping up for the 2019-2020 school year. Students, teachers, and families were breathing a sigh of relief after having had a grueling Spring semester with distance learning. Instead of acknowledging that fact, instead of appreciating the sacrifices of these individuals and families, instead of doing everything it could possibly do to prevent a return to distance learning for the next school year, the state reopened the economy, essentially guaranteeing a return to distance learning for the Fall. Why? Let’s not make the same mistake twice. Let’s anticipate the future this time, and let’s get our priorities straight. Let’s also acknowledge that - without schools - the economy cannot get back on it’s feet. So let’s do this methodically, carefully, and with the knowledge we have gained from the last few months. Let’s go back to school first before we get back to the economy. Let’s prioritize school reopenings by putting all other types of reopenings on hold until schools can reopen. Please sign my petition and share it so we can send a clear message to the state. Our students are counting on us to give them a voice. NOTE:  This petition is NOT asking to cut corners or lower the standards to reopen schools.  It is only asking that we put the reopening of other activities on hold until schools have met the standards to be reopened, because the reopening of other activities will necessarily prolong the ability to open schools.

Jean Buchanan
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