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Petition to Andrew M. Cuomo, New York State House, New York State Senate

Improve Mental Health Policy to Get Kids Treatment

Every year, millions of young people suffering from mental health issues go untreated. There are many reasons this occurs, and it is a very complicated issue, but I think a few policy changes here in New York would make a large difference. I am advocating first for a changing in our mental health education. Schools need to teach children from a young age about specific mental health problems, how to tell if they or a friend may be suffering, and how to get help. I believe that if elementary school students learn about depression and anxiety in the same context as personal hygiene and safety, the stigma surrounding mental health will decrease and people will know more. Secondly, I don't believe that parental consent should be required for a minor to receive help for their mental health issue. While parents often know what is best for their children, in many cases this is not true. Parents may hold the opinion that they can personally help their child, that their problems are not serious, or that they are lying about their problems, all when the child could heavily benefit from medication and/or therapy. This means that even when a child is actively seeking help for mental health issues, they might not receive this help. This is why I believe that all public schools should be required to have trained mental health professionals on their staffs that can diagnose mental health problems and give students therapy. This is already the case at many schools, but I believe that the requirement will get a lot of students help even if their parents don't believe they need it. Finally, and most difficultly, I believe that all minors should have access to free treatment for all health issues. It does not make sense to me that here, in the richest country in the world, a child can have the quality of their treatment determined by their parents' financial situation. Even if one holds the belief that people should have to pay for necessary treatment, it is ridiculous that people who are not even old enough to have jobs can be given better, worse, or no treatment just based on what situation they were born into. If this change was made, everyone would get the same quality of care, and children would not have to feel like a financial burden on their parents just because they were seeking help. If these changes are passed, we can make our state an easier place to live for the hundreds of thousands of young people suffering from problems out of their control.

Zach Novkov-Bloom
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Petition to United States Department of Transportation, President of the United States, FAA, United States Department of Labor, United States State Department

COVID-19 Exemption Request for On Board Couriers World Wide

OBC  Covid-19 Testing Exemption or Modification Request Petition Authored by:Raymond Taber The issue is that OBC or On-Board Couriers. Independent  contractors, will be detrimentally delayed due to Covid-19 testing requirements. Restrictions based on time and locations. Couriers often pickup assets from manufacturing locations, where screenings are done on all who enter the properties, then head to the airport and are often health screened before entry into airport. Get checked in and proceed through airport security. Once through security, the head to the gate, while wearing face-masks this whole time, then hopefully make it to board an aircraft on time. Airline employees are exempt from the 72-hour time test guidelines for entry into or out of countries or have significant resources available to them for testing.On board couriers that provide the critical essential services for industries including aviation parts, for aircraft on ground status and critically needed items for aircraft manufacturing. Also providing critical emergency services of escorting medical equipment and supplies to areas that need the assets and materials to provide and keep a high-level quality of health care services for their communities. Provide courier services of critical components for the automotive ground transportation industry to keep emergency first responders vehicles and support vehicles for all industries in proper operational service at all times.The current restrictions in place will severely impede and significantly will reduce ability to keep these items in transit and increase the operating costs of all these industries.It is requested to have an exemption made for hired courier contractors to continue the services contracted by licensed brokers and to encourage brokers to provide a letter or notification to the airlines that the contractor is exempt either entirely or at minimum a week in between a PCR testing session for Covid-19. It is also requested that OBC IC be categorized as a priority in receiving vaccinations for Covid-19 and any other required vaccinations in order to render services as previously mentioned above.

Raymond Taber
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