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Petition to University of York, Dr Wayne Campbell, Professor Charlie Jeffrey CBE, University of York Students Union, University of York Students Union, Patrick O'Donnell, President, University of York Students Union

Give York Students a Proper, No Detriment, Safety Net for Their 2021 Exams

Dear All, We are writing to you to express our serious concerns regarding the current exam provisions that are in place for our academic year. The Covid-19 pandemic has led to 3 national lockdowns and a near shutdown of the country in between them, with lecture halls and libraries, as well as most other university buildings, closed or open for reduced hours. This has drastically depleted the resources that are available to University students for nearly an entire year now. That is not even including the lecturer strikes before that. Furthermore, although we are classed as full-time students, most of us have been forced to return home or stay at our home address for the duration of the lockdown periods. During this time, we are all facing different challenges including: - Having to work part time jobs to make ends meet, such as for rent payments, board and to cover lost family income - Supporting elderly relatives, homeschooling our younger family members and generally helping those in need. - Lack of suitable working conditions at home or access to sufficient technology. - Massive increase in rates of serious mental health issues (the majority of which cannot be addressed by the University services) As students, we are expected to carry a heavy workload, whilst being distanced from our place of study, at a material disadvantage, during a time of global upheval and immense personal stress for many of us. We are sure you can appreciate that this will greatly handicap the majority of students, who learn better through in person teaching, at their place of study, with strong support networks and able to go outside without risk of being fined, or infected. With the latest lockdown (Jan 2021), this means further cancellation of face-to-face teaching and limited access to critical resources. We would like the University to take this into full consideration while marking our work.  Many Universities have adopted a ‘No Detriment Policy'. This means that, for final year students, so long as a student passes their exams, they will not be scored lower than the average of their previous marks. For second year students, given they may have not had any assessments yet, perhaps some form of reverse safety net could be introduced, allowing them to get their third year results weighted as 100 if they are above their second year results, or as normal if they are below. This is proper safety net. A "No Detriment Policy" allows scope for students to improve, ensures that students are marked based on their capabilities and requires that students do understand their material.  York did this too in 2020 and this absolutely did not devalue our education and frankly, suggesting that is an insult to the students who managed to continue their education during a global pandemic and shutdown. According to York Vision, in the 2018 - 2019 academic year, the percentage of students who scored a 2:1 or above at York was "the lowest of the 20 universities that make up the [Russell] group in England." and according to the Tab, York offered the lowest percentage of firsts of every Russell Group University.  This is despite York being well known as a University with superb teaching. It's not the fault of the students that the boundaries are harsh - but the boundaries themselves. This is before the pandemic struck! Given the current situation, if a safety net is not provided for second and third year students, this will have an extremely detrimental impact on their future prospects and satisfaction with University as a whole. If we are left with the current, frankly pathetic, safety net, then it is bound to have an impact on students' satisfaction scores for years to come, moving York down the league tables and reversing the good progress York has made over recent years.   The world knows that the past few months have been a time of enormous disruption for both education and the world at large. This is a once in a century situation. Students deserve to have their tremendous efforts to carry on their studies at York during this global pandemic appreciated, not punished. Please make this the case. Do the right thing for students. Yours sincerely, University of York students.

York Memes
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Petition to Tufts Community Union Judiciary, Kevin Dunn, Avni Ambalam, Amelia Miller, Spencer Ha, Mark Lannigan

Condemn the Anti-Semitic Referendum and Fraudulent Election

Last month, Tufts University’s Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) attempted to pass an anti-Semitic referendum by circumventing the school’s constitutional process. On December 19, the Tufts University Elections Commission (ECOM) certified the compromised results of the student government’s vote. The student organization disregarded several constitutional requirements for the preparation of a referendum, compromising the integrity of the election. The Tufts Community Union Constitution requires organizations to publish the language of the proposed referendum nine days before the vote. SJP, however, published the language of its referendum only 24 hours before. The anti-Israel student organization also failed to receive the 250 signatures required for consideration on the ballot. In addition to SJP’s nonadherence to the constitution and bylaws, the TCU Senate also committed violations, overlooking the requirement for separation of powers. The TCU Executive Board threatened the Judiciary into supporting the referendum’s language, even inappropriately allowing the TCU President to speak on behalf of the referendum. CALL ON TUFTS to condemn the anti-Semitic referendum and fraudulent election. The anti-Semitic referendum was problematic before the many violations of the election procedure. The proposal included lies about the relationship between the Tufts University Police Department and Israel. The referendum asserts that the officers learn tactics in Israel that lead to increased police brutality in the United States but this is far from the truth. This baseless claim has been proven false many times, yet anti-Israel organizations continue to spread this misinformation to push their own political agenda. These clear violations throughout the process have destroyed the integrity of the vote. Tufts University’s administration folded under the radical student organization’s pressure and released the election results anyway. This move demonstrates that the university would rather kowtow to extremists than uphold the constitutional rules for a fair and valid election. SIGN THE PETITION to condemn the anti-Semitic referendum and Tufts ECOM for allowing the resolution to be certified despite several procedure violations.

IBSI - Institute for Black Solidarity with Israel
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