Wrongly convicted, SaveDustinjHiggs​.​com help me change the narrative.

Dustin John Higgs is going to be executed for a crime he didn’t commit. He was accused of killing three girls but later to be found not guilty. All witnesses, including the man who actually killed the girls, confirm Dustin's innocence. This innocent man should be spared. The only reason he’s still in jail is because they say he was at the scene of the crime and he was accused of bullying Willis Hayes (who did commit the crime) into killing the three girls. But even Willis Hayes has said that this is false. So please help me to free this innocent man. Don't let what happened to Brandon Bernard happen again. Dustin is set to be executed on Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday, January 15th. Help me stop this tragedy. Dustin Higgs #31133-037 Special Confinement Unit PO Box 33 Terre Haute, In 47808 Please! check out ...SaveDustinjHiggs.com

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Governor Pritzker Veto Illinois HB 3653

Veto HB 3653. This bill doesn't allow illinois peace officers to fulfill their sworn oath and duty to help keep communities and citizens safe. 

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On August 29 , 2020 two girls came and vandalized my car after they vandalized my car one of the girls shot and killed my girlfriend Jayla English. One of the girls was my ex girlfriend the other I had never seen before. The two girls are named Brittany Lynn and Orniesha Levison. Brittany Lynn is the shooter and she is my ex girlfriend she is being held on a million dollar bond. But the second girl , Orniesha Levison is only being charged with manslaughter and is currently out on bail. Her bail was only $75,000. I am writing this petition to have Orniesha Levison charged with aggravated murder she came to our home with the intention of committing a crime and she left with the shooter. She is just as guilty a should be punished. Under the LAW if you are in the commission of a crime and someone gets killed you are just as responsible as the shooter! She should not be able to walk free ! She should be charge with MURDER #Justice4Jayla

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This is Dustin john higgs & he’s on death row , he was accused of killing 3 girls and later on they found out that he wasn’t the one who killed them . Their only reasoning on putting him on death row is because they said that he was there , and they said that he bullied the person who did kill those 3 girls into doing it even though, Willis Hayes the one who did commit the murders said that he did not bully him into killing them. Please get the word out so we can save his life !! 

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Constituents Demanding Sen. Josh Hawley's Resignation

We are constituents of Sen. Josh Hawley's seeking his resignation for inciting violence directed at the United States Congress. This latest display of violence highlights Sen. Hawley's disregard for American democracy, and it is a disgraceful use of his position and power in an attempt to overturn the 2020 General Election results. We demand Sen. Hawley's resignation and nothing less.  Please also take a moment to visit: http://hawleyresign.com to sign on with others from across the state. Our coalition also very much supports Representative Cori Bush's petition, as well as the Movement for Black Lives demands, calling for the expulsion of all Senators and Representatives who sought to undermine the results of the 2020 election that resulted in the violent display of white supremacy on January 6th, 2021. Please visit www.gopcoup.com to sign the petition.

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Honor USCP Officer Eugene Goodman with the Medal of Freedom

(Photo Credit: Ashley Gilbertson)On Wednesday, January 6th, 2021, USPC Officer Eugene Goodman faced down a mob of angry rioters advancing in the US Capitol building. Despite his warnings, rioters advanced on the outnumbered officer. He retreated to the 2nd floor landing and called in his position to fellow officers to alert them to the growing threat. Officer Goodman noted that there were no visible guards at the Senate chamber doors. At the moment that the lead rioter also saw the open door, Officer Goodman placed himself in the path to direct harm and made physical contact with the rioter, provoking a response. The rioter took the bait and lead his followers after Officer Goodman, away from the Senate doors.  Inside the Senate, the evacuation was not complete. If the rioters had breached that door, they would've found themselves face-to-face with Senate leaders. Bloodshed was a stark possibility. Instead, the rioters pursued Officer Goodman down another hall and into a larger vestibule where Capitol police backup was waiting to reinforce him. The incident was defused without injury and Senate leaders were able to safely evacuate.  Officer Eugene Goodman recognized a critical moment where the lives of others were at stake. He courageously risked himself to divert rioters and exemplifies the courage an bravery that is the hallmark of Capitol law enforcement. In a very difficult time, his character shone through. He is an American hero. My fellow petitioners  and I are calling on President Joe Biden to recognize his courage and his long career of defending the United Stated by awarding him the highest civilian honor, the Medal of Freedom!

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This campaign began on January 6, 2021 after I couldn’t stomach the insurrection at the Capitol, I had to do something, I dipped a toe before, but now I’m all in. 45 crossed a line even I didn’t think he was capable of, I started the petition to implore  Mike Pence to use the 25th Amendment and remove this man before he causes more harm.  On January 12, 2021, Mike Pence made a decision to stand by the man who’s words and actions caused an attempted coup, damaged the hall of Democracy and left 6 dead. Pence’s cowardice will only come back to bite him, but for now let’s tell 45 - “You’re Fired!”. After the domestic terrorist attack on the US Capitol building on January 6, 2021, spurned on by Donald Trump and Rudolph Guiliani’s inciting words at a rally earlier that day. Trump directed his followers to march to the Capitol, taking to heart Rudy’s “Trial by Combat” comment.  The aftermath of the damage from the breach is palpable, 6 lives lost, many, many Americans feeling like the appointed leader of our government is more than unfit to serve, but actually a criminal. He must be removed immediately! Today, we saw the worst of Americans and it will not be forgotten. The attack took the lives of 4 civilians, multiple law enforcement members injured and one Capitol Police Officer Dead. It didn’t need to happen, our democracy did not need this challenge. Please help in signing this petition, so we can send a message to Mike Pence and the leaders in Washington to let them know that we are disgusted and appalled by these actions by “Donald Trump’s Domestic Terrorists”. Nothing less than removal of his authority and presidential privilege will do at this point, the one person elected to protect the country above all others, very, very literally let the foxes into the henhouse and caused damage and destruction, leaving 6 people dead. 

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Force Joel Osteen to pay back any and all government aid funded by taxpayers.

Joel Osteen and his church recently received over four million dollars in taxpayer-funded government aid. For his church that does not pay taxes. If you believe this is unfair to taxpayers, please stand with us. This is not an issue of religion, this is not an issue of who you believe in. This is an issue of fairness. His business is the church, which apparently is doing quite well to afford this man a home and estate that is several million dollars. Whilst constantly riding in private jets and doing things normally reserved for the richest of people. This man is no longer a servant of Christ or his people, but a servant to the almighty dollar. It’s clear that he is manipulating the system to maintain massive amounts of wealth. This is incredibly unfair to people that follow him, as they may think what he’s doing is justified in some sick way. Our government and this man should be held accountable for this gross overpayment and blatant disregard for taxpayer’s well-being. While the average American is struggling with covid, bills, work, and every other daily stress, this man is banking over four million dollars of our money. If you believe this is not to aid in his message of love and kindness of man and woman in the vision of God, or you simply believe his acts are unfair and downright slimy, please sign this petition to force him to pay back any government aid that was recieved. Thank you. 

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Rare Yaak Montana Female Grizzly Poached! Tell Montana & U​.​S. Government to Prosecute

Tell the U.S. Fish Wildlife Service and State of Montana to Prosecute and Increase the Penalty for Killing an Endangered Grizzly Bear. Tell Congress to Pass the Tribal Heritage and Grizzly Bear Protection Act. In late November 2020, an adult female grizzly bear was brutally killed in the northwest Montana’s Yaak Valley. The killer or killers shot the bear, partially skinned and cut off her paws, before dumping the body in a driveway.  An estimated 24 grizzlies remain in the Yaak Valley, and after this brutal poaching, they are more in need of your help than ever. The poached grizzly was one of possibly only 3-5 remaining females. These last two dozen bears are stubborn survivors on the U.S.-Canada border in a unique ecosystem where nothing has gone extinct since the end of the last Ice Age. Now climate change and poaching are the greatest threat to the grizzly. At present, it is unknown if she had cubs. If she did, they too would surely have perished. If they were a family of four, that would represent roughly 15% of the valley’s population in one day, and possibly an unbelievable one-third of the valley’s reproductive females. “Often called “the walking dead,” the tiny population of grizzly bears in northwest Montana’s Yaak Valley are the most endangered in the state,” stated Montana grizzly bear advocate, author, and activist Doug Peacock for Save The Yellowstone Grizzly. “Yaak grizzlies are already beset by an out-of-compliance high-volume through-hiker trail in their fragile habitat, a proposed mine beneath the Cabinet Mountains, and a Kootenai National Forest that seeks to implement clearcutting across four contiguous project areas totaling almost 250,000 acres without any Environmental Impact Statement—well, you get the picture—Yaak grizzlies need our help,” added Yaak Valley Forest Council Board Chair, author, and activist Rick Bass.  “Please help us turn this around. There were an estimated 25 grizzlies remaining in the Yaak. Now that estimate is 24,” concluded author and activist Terry Tempest Williams of Save The Yellowstone Grizzly “There is such villainy in this act that I can hardly express my rage and sadness,” continued Montana-based author, environmental historian, and conservationist Betsy Gaines Quammen The state of Montana is only offering a paltry $1000 reward for information leading to the conviction of her killer or killers—hardly enough to solicit tips, or to act as a deterrent to other, future poachers.  We are asking the federal government and the State of Montana to: • Investigate and prosecute the Yaak poaching to the full extent of the law • Increase the penalty for killing an endangered grizzly bear to $100,000 • Pass the Tribal Heritage and Grizzly Bear Protection Act with additional protections for the Yaak grizzly bear population. Please sign our petition to be delivered to the new Secretary of the Interior, Congress, the State of Montana, as well as the House Committee on Natural Resources and the Chief of the U.S. Forest Service, demanding investigation, and greater protection for grizzlies on our public lands.  Thank you from all of us at Save the Yellowstone Grizzly and the Yaak Valley Forest Council. Let's not let this mother grizzly die in vain.Read the press release (PDF) Addendum: To offset the abysmal state reward amount of $1,000, Save The Yellowstone Grizzly and the Yaak Valley Forest Council have set up a supplemental reward fund. Our goal is to raise $50,000 to be added to the state reward fund. Click here if you would like to donate to the reward fund: donatenow.networkforgood.org/yaakgrizzlykillrewardfund If you have information regarding this killing, call the state of Montana at:  1-800-TIP-MONT (1-800-847-6668) Save the Yellowstone Grizzly - fights for the safety and welfare of all grizzlies south of Canada, and laying the groundwork for a large-scale grizzly bear ecosystem recovery area. savetheyellowstonegrizzly.org Yaak Valley Forest Council - works for a wild Yaak through science, education, and bold action. yaakvalley.org

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Texans demand the resignation of Senator Ted Cruz

For weeks, U.S. Senator from Texas, Ted Cruz has worked to undermine our Constitution and our electoral process by objecting to the Electoral College’s decision to elect Joe Biden. On January 6th, his efforts to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the election and our very democracy resulted in the violent and treasonous storming of our Capitol, and the loss of a life. To disenfranchise millions of American citizens contradicts the principles embedded in the U.S. Constitution. Therefore, we the citizens of Texas, and his constituents, call on Senator Ted Cruz to resign immediately for his failure to uphold the U.S. Constitution.

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