Change the Housing Requirements For UIUC Freshman

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During this fall, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign had over 35,000 students returning to campus. The university estimated that this would result in only 700 cases with their saliva-based Covid-19 tests, but that was not the case. Even with the "SHIELD" testing system, the cases rose to 3,892 cases the Friday before our break began.

In mid-September, the cases had already risen to over 2000 cases, and by the time finals ended in mid-December, the number was well over 4,500 cases. During the course of the fall semester, Chancellor Robert Jones sent emails out about "unacceptable behavior by a small group of students", but the number of Covid-19 violations had extended far beyond being just a "small group of students". Frat parties and large gatherings were still being held every weekend, with no intervention from the university.

Many students that came to campus this fall are international or out of state freshman. This increased our risk for contracting the virus on our trip to the university and also risked us carrying the virus to the university dorms. At the rate that Covid-19 continues to increase, we students that came in the fall may not be able to return in the spring. UIUC has allowed for us to waive our fall housing and come during the spring or sophomore year to fulfill the freshman housing requirements, but this was inconsiderate of the students who already resided in the university dorms during the fall.

The fall housing fees and spring housing fees are the same yet the university decidedly states that only one will fulfill the housing requirements. We demand that the housing allow students who lived on campus during the fall 2020 semester to have their housing requirements fulfilled and allow us to cancel our spring housing contracts.

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