Black Lives Matter mural in front of St. Joseph High School

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We, the students of St. Joseph High School, want a Black Lives Matter mural painted in front of our school (on Stadium Drive) to voice solidarity with our twin city school, Benton Harbor High School and to support the Black community in St. Joe. On August 8th, members of the Benton Harbor community painted a mural in front of Benton Harbor High School. The organizer of that mural, Trenton Bowens, reached out to the St. Joseph City Commission to get it approved for St. Joe as well. But, after some backlash the commission has stalled on voting in favor of the mural.

It has been over a month since this idea was proposed and still the commission hasn't come to a decision. The goal of this petition is to show the City Commission that St. Joseph High School students support this mural and to show the Black students at SJHS that the school supports this statement. While alternative options for the mural have been presented, we do not want to settle for options other than a mural that simply states "Black Lives Matter" because we want our mural to mirror the one already painted in our twin city, Benton Harbor. 

This is an opportunity for St. Joseph High School to show that we recognize that there is institutionalized racism and that we are going to take steps to fight it. It's important to emphasize that this is not a solution to the problem, it's only one step in the right direction.

We want St. Joseph High School to be on the right side of history.

If you are a SJHS student and want to join the Social Justice Group, please contact Norah Judge through Google Hangouts.