Reduce Tuition Cost in Response to COVID-19

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As of recent news on March 11, Oregon State University will be teaching classes remotely and completely changing our lifestyles and the quality of our education. As on-campus students, we are paying with the expectation of in person guidance and teaching. With a switch to online classes, we are losing precious instructional hours, access to critical resources, and are being given an education that is not comparable to the cost of our tuition.

Furthermore, the relocation of classes to online is an inherent equity issue that should be addressed through a lower cost of attendance. This change in education forces students to quickly find the means of access to laptops and WiFi if they choose to remain in their respective hometowns or on campus. It is completely unfair that economic status is going to dictate if students are able to return home or stay on campus. Oregon State University is a sanctuary for many students.  That being said, many students do not have an exit strategy during this pandemic and this must be compensated for with reduced tuition.

We, the student body, are therefore requesting that you reduce the cost of tuition to accommodate for the changed conditions of education and for the inequities that arise from this situation. As a public university, the best interests of your students need to be the top priority. With this being said, the cost of tuition must be lowered comparable to the nonconsensual change of education conditions.