Remove Director Richard A. Jeffers, Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance

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Unemployment Assistance is a public good and is therefore required under constitutional law to provide due process in determining benefits for its recipients. The Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance has failed in its role by gross criminal negligence that is hurting claimants and forgoing due process of applications. As a result, these people of Massachusetts have suffered immense financial hardships due to the mishandling of their claims. As the director of the agency, Mr. Richard A. Jeffers is responsible for the operations of the agency and adherence to state laws. Therefore, it is perhaps in our best interests to pursue a mass tort claim against the agency (per MTCA), to remove Director Jeffers immediately from his position, and to pay damages to victims of the agency's misconduct and criminal negligence so as to avoid further suffering of beneficiaries.

Documented claims of misconduct and criminal negligence by the Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance employees include, but are not limited to:

- Neglect of due process

- Failure to provide public goods and services to approved applicants (claimants) 

- Mishandling of sensitive claimant information (Social security numbers, wages, place of residence) 

As such, a tort claim should serve to alleviate the financial hardships incurred by claimants by the misconduct of the agency, as to be determined by the Supreme Court of Massachusetts. The Attorney General Maura Healy is responsible for further investigation into said misconduct and criminal negligence.