Change the name of Robert E Lee Junior High School

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Robert E Lee Junior High school is located in Monroe, Louisiana. This petition is to show support for changing the name of this school.
Over the last few years, white supremacist violence connected to Confederate monuments and symbols has prompted many people to ask for the removal of these monuments and renaming of schools honoring Confederate leaders. Robert E Lee Junior High School has an average black student population of over 50%. It is time to step into the 21st Century and leave the ideals of the Confederacy behind. Most Confederate monuments and naming of schools were done during the Jim Crow Era as a message that the South will hold the ideals of the Confederacy. Robert E. Lee was a confederate general who fought for the causes of human slavery. We firmly believe that a school's name should honor a person that the students can admire and aspire to be, not a shameful historic figure and possible cause of trauma for the Black community.