Keep Trey Safe!

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My 3 year old son Trey, is high risk during this covid pandemic because of his premature birth and asthma. His father is an antimasker that thinks this pandemic is fake. He refuses to wear a mask, refuses to social distance, goes out of town then immediately comes around my son. He even refuses to acknowledge my son’s asthma and has even gone to his doctors and attempted to get this diagnosis changed. He has taken me to court 7 times in the last 9 months. He even asked that I be put in prison for trying to keep my son safe. On 6 separate occasions, two different judges ruled my son high risk and ordered that his father follow pediatrician’s orders, CDC guidelines, and minimize my son’s exposure to covid. The judges even ordered that visitation be at my home to further minimize my son’s exposure to this deadly disease. This seventh time in court we saw a different judge who ordered that my son go with his father for visitation. I have spent over $60,000 in legal fees trying to keep my son safe and will continue to fight to keep him safe. We live in Texas and our covid-19 positivity rate is out of control. Our mayor and county judge do daily updates on tv and emergency alerts through texts. These officials beg us to stay home, be safe, and wear a mask. They say it is urgent that all residents follow the recommendations. Yet, their own Bexar County District judges refuse to follow them and actually orders people to actively disobey and ignore them! San Antonio is facing more covid cases than ever and a skyrocketing positivity rate. Hospitals are reaching capacity and people still don’t seem to care that their actions and decisions are putting others lives in danger. Why doesn’t a high risk 3 year old get the right to be safe during a pandemic? Bexar County judges need to recognize that children’s rights matter! They have a right to be kept safe from a deadly disease. Judges get to hold virtual court to keep themselves and their community safe, but a high risk 3 year is ordered to go with his antimasker father. Why wouldn’t a 3 year old get the same right to be kept safe?